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  • VHDL source files 

  • User manual​
  • Testbench
  • Two hours of support included

Site Based License Model

The license allows you to use the core in an unlimited number of projects originating within a 5-mile radius of an address designated as the "licensed site"


Supported FPGA

The HDLC IP Core is pure VHDL, and it is supported on any FPGA 

Supported Simulators




Campera-ES Communication Solutions


The CES HDLC Core is a completely parameterized VHDL IP core able to send and receive serial data in HDLC format full duplex mode with configurable data rates, crc and data encoding

Key Features

  • Synthesizable, technology independent VHDL IP Core

  • HDLC compatible serial interface controller

  • Address filtering, multicast and broadcast

  • Receive input FIFO with configurable depth

  • Transmit output FIFO with configurable depth

  • Supports all standard data rates from 9600 to 921600 baud

  • Fully custom data rates also supported – limited only by system

  • Receive and transmit interrupt flags

  • Receive and transmit FIFO full flags

  • NRZ, NRZI with configurable level and Manchester Data Encoding

  • Bit Stuffing and Bit Stripping

  • Configurable CRC: 16-bit and 32-bit sequence

  • Full Dublex

  • Optional All Programmable parameters enable run-time reconfigurability

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